Unofficial Result Shows Failure Of Hernando’s One Cent Tax Referendum

In Election 2014 by Qianwen Zhang

Hernando County reported all 37 precincts just after 10 p.m. on Tuesdays. The county has about 124,811 registered voters, with 43,846 Democrats and 48,424 Republicans according to the Supervisor of Elections. The results reflected this ration.

The county’s one cent sales tax referendum was rejected with 55.98 percent voting no. The tax would have raised funds for the school district.

Amendment 1 and Amendment 2 received 71.86 percent and 55.31 percent votes in favor, respectively. Amendment 3 was struck down with 52.81 percent voting no.

Governor candidate Rick Scott (R) barely defeats Charlie Crist (D) in Hernando County with 47.74 percent of votes.

U.S. Representative, District 11 candidate Richard B. “Rich” Nugent (R) leads challenger Dave Koller (D) with 67.28 percent.

All seven Fifth District Court of Appeal judges received about 70 percent of votes to remain in office.

Mary Hatcher (NP), candidate for Circuit Judge, Circuit 5 Group 3 leads challenger D. A. Dymond Lyn (NP) with 60.58 percent.

Blaise Ingoglia (R) leads challenger Rose Rocco (D) with 51.2 percent of the votes for State Representative District 35.

Wayne Dukes (R) defeats challenger Jimmy Lodato (D) with 49.4 percent of the votes for County Commissioner District 2. Jeff Holcomb (R) leads challenger Daniel T. Oliver (D) with 54.92 percent of the votes for County Commissioner District 4.

Mark C. Johnson (NP) leads challenger Donald Whiting (NP) with 54.51 percent of the votes for School Board Member District 1.

Susan Duval (NP) leads challenger Robert Neuhausen with 62 percent for School Board Member District 5.

Betty Erhard (NP) leads challenger Wm “Bill” Kemerer (NP) with 54.23 percent for Brooksville City Council Seat 4.

Cassi Harbuck (NP) narrowly defeats challenger Joe F Fielder (NP) with 52.83 percent for Sterling Hill CDD Seat 3.